Waxing Poetic Pearls Of ...

When we first introduced our Bee Brave Pearl Pendant awhile back, we knew we’d made something special. What we soon learned was just how much personal meaning that one winged symbol of bravery and hard work had for many of you -- and thus were inspired to create a suite of other memorable wing-bearers using Balinese freshwater pearls, brass, sterling silver, and a good dose of symbolism and heart. Pearls are said to stand for wisdom gained through experience, peace and understanding, and are generally believed to promote good luck, wealth, and security for those who wear them. We’ll leave the rest to you.

  • Waxing Poetic Pearl Of Change Dragonfly Pendant
    Pearl Of Change Dragonfly Pendant

    Symbolically, dragonflies are associated with change, ...

    135,00 €
  • Waxing Poetic Pearl Of Passage Hummingbird Pendant
    75,00 €
  • Waxing Poetic Pearl Of Wisdom Owl Pendant
    65,00 €
  • Waxing Poetic Pearl Of Luck Ladybug Pendant
    55,00 €
  • Waxing Poetic Pearl Of Rebirth Snake Pendant
    135,00 €
  • Waxing Poetic Stanza Pearl Bracelet
    225,00 €
  • Waxing Poetic Lume Chain -  Freshwater Pearl - 55cm
    145,00 €
  • Waxing Poetic Lume Chain - Freshwater Pearl - 76cm
    162,00 €