Jewellers United

About Jewellers United

Jewellers United was established by Waxing Poetic's European distributor, CC Van Egmond B.V. as a collaborative e-commerce solution for participating authorized Waxing Poetic dealers and herself. 


Waxing Poetic jewellry is designed by Patti Pagliei Simpson, and fabricated by an incredible batch of Balinese craftspersons. In Patti's own words, "These incredible people devote themselves and their lives to beauty, both in action and intent. Somehow we were blessed to have them join forces with us. Our Bali artisans are paid several times more than minimum wage, and treated with respect, dignity, and most importantly, gratitude." 

You will find that Waxing Poetic jewellry is more than just jewellry.  It is an expression of who you are: your faith, hope, family, & passions.  You might choose to wear a single charm on a chain, or group together a whole cluster of charms that represent the things that are the most important to you.  Whatever you choose, it is bound to be beautiful.